Center Director: David Needham, PhD, Niels Bohr Professor.

Welcome to the Center for Single (micro- and nano-) Particle Science and Engineering (SPSE), University of Southern Denmark, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy [map of location].  The Center is funded by a 5-year grant from the Danish National Research Foundation under their Visiting Professor program, Niels Bohr Professorships, 2013-2017.

SPSE is an interdisciplinary research center concerned with experimental and theoretical research within the broad field of colloid and (bio)surface science.  It is centered around a technique called micropipet manipulation that can form, study, and characterize materials and their interfaces as microparticles of gas, liquid, and solid, including biological cells.  Applications are in chemical and materials processing, the food industry, nano- and bio-technologies, and advanced pharmaceutics, including new drug delivery systems for cancer inspired by reverse enginering nature's designs for nanoparticle fat transport.