SPSE Center Evaluation

Friday, January 13, 2017
Last summer, the Danish National Research Foundation sponsored a review of Needham’s research group by an expert external panel, which gave the team its highest grade, denoting “Excellence from an international perspective”. The panel praised the center for having a well-trained staff of enthusiastic scientists and concluded the center is likely to “catalyze/establish a new approach to the development of diagnostics and therapeutics that will have a major impact”.
The evaluation panel was made up of three world-class scholars: Olaf Sparre Andersen MD, of Cornell University; Ursula Ravens, MD, of Technische Universitaet Dresden in Germany; and Bengt Norden of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, former chairman of the Nobel Prize selection committee for Chemistry.
The review of the Center took a whole day when the panel saw research presentations and posters, and reviewed a book of abstracts compiled by Needham’s team.
Read more details about the evaluation and current Center strategies in the following link:
Developing New Strategies for Cancer Drug Delivery, in Denmark and at Duke